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We’re excited to announce that Surfware will be installing a special holiday window display at Tenderbooks, opening December 12th in London!

We will be showcasing a range of products in a totally new format – using the Tenderbooks shop front to advertise with an LED multi-screen display in the style of a real estate office window that will be illuminated by day and night.

Featured products will include new items from Cory Arcangel’s currentmood series, which premiered in an eponymous exhibition at Lisson Gallery, London, in Summer 2016. A limited edition of three new Fidget Spinner sculptures by Arcangel, titled 3 Celebs Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash, 3 Celebs You Didnt Know Were Smokers, and 3 Celebs Who Were Born Rich – priced at £11.95 each.

Available in store just in time for the holidays are the Fuck Negativity Slides and the classic White Logo Arcangel Tee. Tenderbooks will also have on-hand a range of printed matter including The Source Digest. Now is your chance to stock up!

The window installation opens with refreshments on Tuesday, December 12th, from 6pm until late.

We hope 2 c u there!


6 Cecil Court

London WC2N 4HE

Tuesday–Saturday 11–6pm