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Stavanger, Norway & Brooklyn, New York – Arcangel Surfware, the multinational merchandise and software company founded by entrepreneur & artist Cory Arcangel, is pleased to announce the (second) grand opening of our flagship store & gallery in Stavanger, Norway on Saturday, September 29th, 1200-1500. The opening is also the occasion for the "drop" of Arcangel Surfware's 2018 collection, as well the exhibition of Let it be, by Steina and Woody Vasulka.

Arcangel Surfware’s flagship store & gallery, which soft launched in May of 2018, is located in a historically protected storefront in Stavanger, Norway’s Øst neighbourhood. Just 30 seconds from the waterfront, the 34 sq meter space — a former canning factory, and more recently rifle shop — was designed by Stavanger based architects Dionne & Associates in collaboration with Cory Arcangel. The space also hosts Flagship A.S., an in-house gallery which organizes several exhibitions a year by local and international artists.

Arcangel Surfware's 2018 collection "drop" has 2 components - one physical and one virtual.

The physical component is a multi-function scarf featuring a repeated Arcangel Surfware logo. Multi-function scarfs - popular accessories during the winter months eg. "dark days" in Scandinavia - is headwear that can function as a scarf, hood, face mask, head warmer, balaclava, sun guard, headband, hair tie, bandana, wrist band, and do rag - among other uses. Arcangel Surfware's scarf - which comes in purple, yellow, and pink - is designed, printed, and sewn locally in Stavanger, and uses EU sourced cotton fabric made without harmful chemicals certified by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology. We feel confident in saying this might just be the highest quality multi-function scarf on the market today!

The second component of Arcangel Surfware's 2018 "drop" is a collection of FREE emojis for Slack - the proprietary cloud-based collaboration tool popular among todays creative professionals. Arcangel Surfware's Slack emoji set features 10 emojis designed in collaboration with animator Scott Gelber. 7 of the 10 emojis feature tailpipes spewing smoke. These tailpipe emojis reference "rolling coal", the popular technique of modifying diesel engines to increase the emission of of black smoke. The other three emojis feature a spinning yin yang symbol, in colors matching the multifunction scarves. The slack emoji set will be available - FOR FREE - at:

Cory Arcangel said, “I've been beta-testing these emojis in the internal Arcangel Surfware SVG/NYC Slack channel and am loving "rolling coal" into my team's communication stack. I sincerely hope others can find the same enjoyment. Godspeed!”.

In addition to the product "drops", the Arcangel Surfware Flagship is proud to present a new exhibition in the flagship's in-house gallery Flagship A.S. The exhibition will feature the single channel video, Let it be, by legendary artists Steina and Woody Vasulka. The work will be shown on a vintage 4:3 aspect ratio Bang & Olufsen, BeoCenter 1, and appears courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York

Arcangel Surfware Flagship is located at Lervigsveien 25, Stavanger, Norway, 4014. The opening will be, Saturday, September, 29th, 1200–1500, followed by a catered reception at the Rogaland Kunstsenter from 1500-1730 along with coffee by Kaffetrykkeri, and a special DJ set by Stavanger's own left field disco master, Tarjei Nygård.

Stavanger is situated on the S/W coast of Norway, and is a 15 minute drive or bus from modern Sola airport (SVG) which has direct flights to & from Amsterdam (1.5hr), London (1.5hr), Berlin (1.25hr), Oslo (35min), Copenhagen (45min), among many others. If you are an out of town visitor, please inquire at flagship AT about our travel package. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Arcangel Surfware is a multinational software & merchandise publisher founded by entrepreneur & artist Cory Arcangel in 2014, and based in Brooklyn, New York & Stavanger, Norway. Currently products are available only IRL in our flagship store, or B2B/wholesale. Visit our website at:

For general & press inquiries, please contact Marcel Dionne at
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