Oliver Payne & Nick Relph @ Arcangel Surfware Flagship 😍

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Stavanger, Norway - Arcangel Surfware is pleased to announce an exhibition by Oliver Payne & Nick Relph in our newly expanded flagship. The Oliver Payne & Nick Relph exhibition will open Saturday, April 6th, 1200-1500. Also debuting is a new section of the shop titled "Imports".

Opened in 2018, Arcangel Surfware’s flagship store is located in a historically protected storefront in Stavanger, Norway’s Øst neighborhood. Just 30 seconds from the waterfront at the entrance to the byfjorden fjord, the space — a former canning factory, and more recently rifle shop — will nearly double its footprint to 60 sq meters by expanding into an adjacent bomb shelter. The fully renovated bomb shelter - which is lined by 2 feet thick concrete walls - will house a permanent space for Flagship A.S., the in-house gallery of the flagship.

To inaugurate this new space, Flagship A.S. will be exhibiting Oliver Payne & Nick Relph's 2004 video, Comma, Pregnant Pause.

As the video - nodding to Pokémon - states:

"I want to be the best
there ever was.
To beat all the rest, yeah,
that's my cause.

Electrode, Diglett, Nidoran, Mankey
Venusaur, Rattata, Fearow, Pidgey
Seaking, Jolteon, Dragonite, Gastly
Ponyta, Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Butterfree

Catch 'em, catch 'em, gotta catch 'em all,

I'll search across the land,
look far and wide.
Release from my hand
the power that's inside.

Venomoth, Poliwag, Nidorino, Golduck
Ivysaur, Grimer, Victreebel, Moltres
Nidoking, Farfetch'd, Abra, Jigglypuff
Kingler, Rhyhorn, Clefable, Wigglytuff"

This exhibition continues Flagship A.S.'s commitment to showing works by media masters, following recent exhibitions by Burt Barr, and Steina and Woody Vasulka.

In addition to the exhibition, the Arcangel Surfware Flagship is also pleased to announce, Imports, a new section of items for sale in the shop devoted to items from "friends and family" of the Surfware universe. Inaugural items include O-R-G screensavers - sold in store as discrete postcards with unique hologram download codes and instructions for use - designed by Bruno Munari, Tauba Auerbach, and Karel Martens, a jumper from Haik, as well as tapes by Pssst.

The Arcangel Surfware Flagship is located at Lervigsveien 25, on the east side of Stavanger, Norway. It will be open til Norwegian summer break, Saturdays 1200-1500, or by appt (also feel free to stop by M-F, we are often there).

About Arcangel Surfware
Arcangel Surfware is a multinational software & merchandise publisher founded by entrepreneur & artist Cory Arcangel in 2014, and based in Brooklyn, New York & Stavanger, Norway. Instagram: @arcangelsurfware

About Oliver Payne & Nick Relph
Oliver Payne (b. London, 1977), and Nick Relph (b. London, 1979) worked together from the late 90s to 2009. They held exhibitions at Serpentine Gallery, London, United Kingdom;
Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland; The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo,
Norway; and the Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, Tennessee. They were awarded
the Golden Lion at the 2003 edition of the Venice Biennale for the best artists under 35. Since 2009 each has worked as a solo practitioner.