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We here at Arcangel Surfware are more then happy 2 b a sponsor of the following Rhizome event:

Sunday, August 10, 1pm

Rockaway Beach Surf Club 
302 Beach 87th Street, Rockaway Beach (Subway: Beach 90th)
Eight of New York’s web surfers will find out who can surf best! 

Surf the classic way

From Amazon to Piratebay

On August 10, Rhizome will host the city’s first Trailblazers web surfing competition at Rockaway’s premier wave surfing club, hosted by Dragan Espenschied and the whole Rhizome crew.

The rules are simple: competitors have to complete a trail by going from one URL, the start, to another URL, the goal, in less than 10 minutes. Those who don’t make it are out.

No Google, No Keyboards, No Back Buttons, No Loggin’ In — just hyperlinks and a one-button mouse. The trails remain secret until the start. Only skill will help you here!

Think you can rip with the best? Limited slots are available to participate. Email to sign up. Prizes from Arcangel Surfware await. Check out the previous Trailblazers events in Europe, done by Olia Lialina and her study group Beautiful Zeroes and Ugly Ones at Merz Akademie. Music by DJ Smart & Outgoing.

Or just come to watch (no need to RSVP)! Surf’s up, partner.