Lervigsveien 25
Stavanger, Norway

Hours of operation: 

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About the space:
Arcangel Surfwares flagship (2018-2019) store was located in a historically protected storefront in Stavanger, Norways Øst neighborhood. Just 30 seconds from the waterfront, the 34 sq meter space—a former canning factory, and more recently rifle shop—was designed by Stavanger based architects Dionne & Associates in collaboration with Arcangel Surfware founder Cory Arcangel. The space also hosted Flagship A.S., an in-house gallery. Flagship A.S. hosted 3 exhibitions a year by local and international artists, as well as lectures & performances.

Flagship A.S:

Burt Barr
Watching the Paint Dry, Red (2006)
Courtesy Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
May-July 2018

Steina and Woody Vasulka
Let it be (1970)
Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York.
August-December 2019. 

Nick Relph and Oliver Payne
Comma, Pregnant Pause (2004)
Courtesy GBE.
May-July 2019.

Nick DeMarco
Lonely Planet
August-Oct 2019. 

Stavanger is situated on the S/W coast of Norway, and is a 15 minute drive or bus from modern Sola airport (SVG) which has direct flights to & from Amsterdam (1.5hr), London (1.5hr), Berlin (1.25hr), Oslo (35min), Copenhagen (45min), among many others. If you are an out of town visitor, please inquire at flagship AT about our travel package. We look forward to seeing you soon.